Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) LIVE CAM STREAM

This is not my movie nor my server that this movie is hosted on im just passing on a good stream. Enjoy the movie and if you have a few bucks donate to the blog to keep it going... dont forget to post the link to this blog in your myspace, facebook, and other networking sites to get the link out to your friends! if you want other movies found on the internet let me know in the comments and ill see what i can find

just click on the free stream button, the page refreshes hit the play button and enjoy if you dont have the divx software its a free download so you can view

After Bella recovers from the vampire attack that almost claimed her life, she looks to celebrate her birthday with Edward and his family...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

huge sprint security breach

someone has used a flaw in the pay by phone billing system and charged over $1,000 to my own account using my bank account with only supplying sprints pay by phone system my phone number. i walked two sprint reps through the loop hole using two of my family members phone numbers with there permission. with just there phone number i was able to get there balance on the account and could have payed any amounts to the debit or credit card the user had on file.

this is a breach of every sprint/nextel users privacy it also could wreck havoc to every user on there network. and is also a BREACH of contract to EVERY sprint/nextel user that has signed a privacy agreement with the company. with just your phone number a 3rd party can access your account and make payments and more. it is my feeling ( i'm no lawyer ) that this flaw would void any user agreement held by sprint/nextel users.

over the past 4 days since the two charges to my account from my bank account for over $500.00 each i have spoke with over 17 reps from sprint most don't know what to even say and forward me to the fraud department. most of the fraud reps and there support teams are up in the air about what to do ( yes i have filed a police report and they are following through with it ) the sprint rep did tell me that the payment was made via *3 on a sprint phone but because of privacy laws and policy's at sprint they can not tell me who made these charges even tho they broke my privacy agreement by letting someone make payments after accessing my account with only my phone number via *3 on there sprint phone.

rep james from the fraud dept. said today after i walked him through the steps i found that breaches any sprint/nextel users account integrity said that " no one would do this in there right mind because it was wrong... is it fraud he said no.. does it happen he said yes... but very rarely. ) and our conversation then turned to the stopped payment on the checks payed to my account with out my knowledge and that my account would be canceled and i would lose my phone number in the process.

i then was connected to paul a finace rep out of mesa arizona. after explianing all to him and walking him again through the steps using a sprint account of a user in my family who works as a TV executive out of Florida he was in shock. i could almost hear his jaw drop as we made it through the last steps of breaching someones account with the pay by phone system sprint/nextel has set up. theres much more to this story then i can even type im so upset about this. im still working to clear up my account but i think i may have the tools to press this issuse to the top if i can get the word out. i feel this maybe the biggest beach of user info for sprint/nextel to date.

thank you for your time in reading this
a very upset sprint user!

more on this story is posted at the Utility Consumers' Action Network - non-profit, public interest consumer advocacy website

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

after the war im bloody and draging my soul home...

after the war im bloody and draging my soul home...
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this has been one of the toughest years of my life. im bloodied my soul has been toren to bits. emotionally i was almost broken. i cant tell you how low i found myself as i layed on my porch. some story's i only shared with those very close to me. not even with my family. my mom never knew of the 7 teeth i lost last october . i remember that day like it was yesterday, the hurt cut me very deep. as i layed there bleeding wondering when i would be able to get a breath in between the strikes of a steel toed work boot. my fingers dug deep into the blades of cold grass. my mind drifting away to better times.
surounded by 4 people who i didn't even know. settling the score for someone they would later dump. but even when my card was punched and my dues were payed i knew it would all be in good terms. there was a greater plan i just had to get through the bad.hell had many different landscapes them days. the devil reared his ugly head many times.i stood toe to toe with him more then once.

ive learned alot of lessons. ive heard music in the background like some Erie 1950s Ballard of a young mans struggles through life. and this whole time i made it on unemployment little money week to week making ends meet on a life that was no longer my own. my dreams scattered on the hard wood floors like rain on the peddle of a spring flower. but i knew someday it would all turn out one way or the other. and ive also seen tears signaling the start of healing. not just my own tears but others from my family and my friends. every drop that touched my cheek as we hugged in a long embrace helped me get closer to my goal. at times it seemed endless but im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. as i walk away from this house i built with my own 2 hands this next week i know there will be some more tears. but im shedding my chains. im leaving my old dreams behind on this little plot of land i helped cultivate into my once humble castle. ill leave the good the bad and the ugly at the foot of the driveway exposed to all lifes elements and ill start new. back in the back yard ive been making a secret spot. for weeks now ive avoided it. ive dug a 1 foot by 1 foot hole ive covered it with red ferns and covered the bottom in potting soil and wild flower seeds. this is where ill buried what was left of my old life . the good memories of my life ill lay to rest in a bed of wild flowers that will bloom every spring . my lasting sign to my maker and who ever may come across whats left of what once was to say loudly ....
yes i fell to my knees but like these flowers i found my ground and got up and moved on.

i maybe a 1000 headstones away from here someday but ill prove i picked up and made use of the dash between my dates.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

UPDATE: Anti-Abortion Activist Murder Suspect is sent to Hospital.

The Associated Press file photo

Shiawassee County Prosecutor Randy Colbry, said in a statement to the media that Drake gave himself

"a serious gash after cutting his arm near the wrist but was expected to recover".

also in the statement Colbry's quoted as saying

"he doesn't know exactly when Drake cut himself or what he used to do so. Colbry says Drake was taken to a hospital for surgery".

the excitement just keeps rolling in this small town drama.
sunday i will be covering the candle light memorial for James Pouillon.

A Michigan-based group, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, planned to hold a prayer vigil Sunday at the site where Pouillon was killed. St. Joseph Catholic Church, where Pouillon was a former member, was collecting money to help pay for funeral services.

ill be taking tons of picture's and plan on asking some hot topic questions to anyone that has the answers so check in sunday for more updates.

is there anything you the reader would like to be asked? leave a question in the comments and ill make sure i get a answer for you if there is one!

UPDATE: Anti-Abortion Activist Gunned Down Outside Michigan High School Roadside Memorial

Roadside Memorial

On a day when all seems to normal, after one of the bloodiest days for the small city of owosso in at least nine years since its last notable murder. a few dozen flowers lay on a Roadside Memorial where Anti-Abortion Activist 63-year-old James L. Pouillon was killed in cold blood by someone who thought to themselves that
he didn't think kids should have to look at dead babies on their way to school.

Harlan J. Drake locked and loaded with .45-caliber revolver, a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol and a .22-caliber revolver. unloaded on James L. Pouillon hitting him several times knocking him from his protesters perch. he fell to the ground dying for his cause in front of the same kids Drake said he was trying to protect from the images being sent to them from across the street.

i dont think Drake had the time to think what the images now etched in some school kids minds of a man killed in front of them in cold blood might do either....

Roadside Memorial

as Drake turns from the school he headed for his next victim, with a much lower profile in this whole story Mike Fuoss, 61 Owner of the local gravel pit
Rumor has it that Fuoss fired a family member that could have triggered the killing spree to start

Roadside Memorial

now we can only speculate on the third person on his hit list today. Owosso real estate agent James Howe.

Drake felt that Howe had wronged his mother on a business deal. but was arrested at his home before he could carry out his last murder. we can only speculate as to if he was going home for lunch or to grab more ammo to finish the job.

but for us in this small town, trying to pick up the pieces of one of the bloodiest days for our sleepy little town. it doesn't help us sleep any better at night knowing that even us as tight knitted as we are NO ONE is safe in times like these....

- Mike Karl

Friday, September 11, 2009

Anti-Abortion Activist Gunned Down Outside Michigan High School

i live in this town... honestly only blocks from where this shooting took place. its sad to think how close to home these types of things can get. yes im huge on free speech. everyone should have a right to say as they wish. with in reason. and no one should be murdered in cold blood for what they think and feel.

i have been face to face with this man many times. as he protested all over the city of owosso. hes well known here in town for his lewd signs and statements. i've heard screaming match's time and time again outside of very child friendly places. and for him to be at the high school protesting with his very graphic signs is not uncommon.

for at lest 10 years i have seen him holding up his signs and screaming. all while hooked up to a mask for his oxygen. it must have took his breath away to set long hours sometimes 8+ at a location. its been long the understory of this small town.
im not sure his personal story is or the one of the hard working man that was gunned down in his office at the gravel pit but there saying its all in the same. that the man with blood on his hands killed them both.

theres rumors this moring that theres also a 3rd body on west st. in a boarded up house just blocks over from the high school. as the shots rang out i was getting my youngest out of bed and putting out the trash. sirens broke the morning fog like a knife. i pulled out of my driveway to yellow tape blocking off the road as i turned out to get a paper.

this seems to have opened a wound around the country from this small little sleepy town. news vans are everywhere. rumors are the buzz at the local gossip spots. as you drive by planed parenthood in the city of owosso it is surrounded by people with red ducktape on there mouths with the words "life" in big black ink.

it makes me wonder what there message is. is it one that you have the right to speak your mind as you wish? or is it one that life was silenced by hate this morning. either way you look at it this is a war that has been raging for decades and this death of a protester of his free thoughts was one of many. im sure there will be more that will risk life and limb to get there message out. but what is the message we should learn from this tragic event?

i think its this.... life is a gift that can be taken at birth or on the side of a small town street with the whole world watching....... live as if today is your last and thank god for the freedoms we fought long and hard to enjoy!

-Mike Karl